Which Area Will Dealers Be Most Concerned About In 2021?

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General Manager of Shandong Weilai Lighting Technology Co.
In 2020, the industry’s brand basically showed poor industry, some companies seize the opportunity to ride the wave of this year after the epidemic, the counter-trend rise; some companies affected by the epidemic, suffered a catastrophe, more difficult, and even early out of the industry. 2021 is more optimistic about the landscape lighting and high-end lighting design, whether it is urban construction on the demand for lighting or high-end people on the demand for lighting is more considerable.

General Manager of Fuzhou Shuangfu Lighting Co.
This year, the market performance of professional and characteristic brands will be better, from the company’s sales this year, supporting lighting design products and minimalist style products are the mainstream products sold this year, especially supporting lighting products this year to improve the proportion is very obvious. 2021 will also be the main lighting design-related lighting products and minimalist style products.

General Manager of Harbin Colorful Sunshine Lighting
This year, the whole lighting industry is really affected and impacted, but under the stimulation of national policies, the development of brand enterprises is very good. Especially the construction of new cultural tourism landscape, also achieved the ideal goal of enterprises. This year, more companies have turned their attention to the webcast, the benefits are not necessarily maximized, but corporate brands and other visibility are increasing. Brand enterprises still have a competitive advantage, and our dealers are willing to work with them, but also tend to brand enterprises.

General Manager of Shandong Xinliangmei Trading Co.
2020 is a very difficult year for home lighting and lighting brands, the impact of the epidemic, the poor environment, the homogenization of products, the traditional model, the lack of channels, etc. are affecting today’s brand enterprises, the only change and continuous reshuffling to purify and improve the business environment of the industry. 2021 is more optimistic about the intelligent control and lighting control, is the demand of the times of young consumers and the pursuit of The experience of a good life aspires to the demand.

General Manager of Shaanxi branch of Woodland
The market in the epidemic environment in 2020, relative to previous years, dealers at all levels are more cautious, the most obvious result is that more not to prepare inventory, consumer power in the weakening, more pursuit of cheap, as long as the product quality is stable. In 2021, I think the better development of the category is commercial lighting and home lighting, I personally think that with the economic recovery after the epidemic, the stock market will have a certain performance.

General Manager of Shaanxi Jiazhe Trade
This year for the big brands, I personally think the impact is not very big, first of all, the big brands after years of precipitation, network coverage is high, consumers are more recognized, most will choose to hear the brand. Secondly, the price of large brands is now more affordable, and the price difference between the second and third-tier brands is not much, compared to the consumer more easily accepted. Third, the quality and service of large brands are relatively more trustworthy, so for brand companies, the advantages of this year is more prominent.


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