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202012 On the afternoon of 26th, “Show brand power – tree industry model – 2020 China Lighting Industry Brand Conference” was held in Guzhen, the lighting capital – Westin Hotel. Wang Micheng, the director of Intelligent Lighting Professional Committee of China Lighting Appliances Association and president of Hongyan Electric, was invited to attend the conference, where he shared “Digital Upgrade and Business Model Innovation of Lighting Enterprises”.

Why digital upgrade

In the development process of traditional lighting industry, many lighting people have felt the impact from different levels, indeed the epidemic does not come every year, but in these years the traditional lighting industry is affected by macro and micro factors, the future will enter the game of the stock market.

At present, the number of lighting companies, but the industry is in the homogeneous competition, the market in the midst of disorderly development, especially the fragmentation of traffic impact is more obvious, most of the traffic of enterprises in the past from the offline traffic, but with the booming development of e-commerce, Internet, etc. in recent years, many lighting companies have felt the impact, to varying degrees, forcing traditional lighting companies urgently need to transform and upgrade.

Where is the future of the lighting industry? Perhaps the only path is to achieve digital upgrading. Hongyan electric is the industry’s earliest intelligent lighting concept, but at that time, the development of various aspects of intelligent lighting is still immature, until recent years, intelligent lighting ushered in a new opportunity for development, from the political environment, the nineteenth session of the Fifth Plenary Session, the development of digital economy, promote digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, for the lighting industry digital transformation to provide a good opportunity; from the market level, the industry will enter the stock Game era, to bring a broad space for the development of intelligent lighting; from the technical level, AI + IoT, cloud computing and 5G and other technologies to support intelligent lighting has basically matured, will inevitably lead to innovative iterations of technology, promoting the intelligent upgrading of the lighting industry; from the demand level, people’s aspirations for a better life, are a great impact on the traditional lighting industry.

In a few years ago, the entire traditional lighting industry growth rate is gradually slowing down, but the intelligent lighting market has a very large growth potential, in the smart home market segments, the overall intelligent lighting growth of 27%. Intelligent lighting technology has gradually matured, the development trend of intelligent lighting from intelligent to intelligent development, the past intelligent lighting is mainly to meet the illumination, brightness, to according to the environment, brightness needs, physiological and psychological characteristics, etc., now more focused on creating a healthy, comfortable, convenient, energy efficient and other beneficial to physical and mental health of the light environment, around the human needs of human-centered lighting has become the future direction of development of lighting;. From wired to wireless trend development, WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IoT wireless communication technology has many advantages such as fully automatic network, convenient connection and control, strong expandability, etc. Of course, Hongyan is more optimistic about the combination of wired and wireless in the future; from indoor to outdoor, the development of IOT and wireless communication technology, let the intelligent lighting from indoor all-scene to From indoor to outdoor, the development of IOT and wireless communication technology will let the intelligent lighting go from indoor all-scene to indoor and outdoor all-space interconnection.

Digital upgrade of the path program

Under the background of the new era, the industry is generally a bit anxious. In the face of the future development of the industry, I think it must be towards the interconnection of everything, towards the wisdom, digital upgrade, how to realize the path of digital upgrade?

In recent years, Hongyan has also done a lot of exploration. When talking about intelligent lighting, we must not leave a big background, the reason why intelligent lighting can go from the store to the market is from the maturity of intelligent home system. As the founding brand of 86-type switch and socket in mainland China and the pioneer of intelligent lighting, in March 2016, Hongyan proposed to “make the intelligent panel (switch and socket) into the entrance, platform and terminal of intelligent home”, around security monitoring, intelligent lighting, energy management and other user needs. Nowadays, more and more people think that smart panel (switch and socket) is the best entrance of smart home, and it ranks first with cell phone app. After putting forward this concept, Hongyan opened the path of digital upgrade. After several years of transformation, Hongyan became the most recognized smart panel brand by integrators, and has the largest number of patents and the most complete product items in the field of smart panel in China, such as winning Kerry’s “2020 China Real Estate Digital Power TOP20 Technology Leader Enterprise” and “2020 Top 10 Whole House Smart Home Brand Award” “2020 China Real Estate Smart Home Award” ……

So, what are the two major paths of digital upgrade? Hongyan summed up through years of exploration: on the one hand, it is the digital upgrade of products; at present, the three programs for traditional lighting fixtures to realize intelligence are: intelligent controller + traditional lamps and lanterns, intelligent power supply + traditional lamps and lanterns, AI voice module + traditional lamps and lanterns. On the other hand is the construction of digital platform.

In the era of Internet of everything, how to make the digital platform control is the focus, from the smart home is also not only a single control of a lamp, but the control of the whole scene, which all rely on the digital platform. On the one hand, Hongyan created a digital platform architecture for B-end customers combining advanced proximity communication technology, sensing technology, artificial intelligence technology, dimming technology, cloud computing technology with traditional LED lights to provide digital management platform for scenes such as smart park/education/office/hotel. On the other hand, Hongyan has established a new Hongyan Smart Park with an area of 160,000 square meters as the digital lookout for Hongyan Smart Park. Third, Hongyan also has device management tools for end users, users can create one or more families and design differentiated authority for different members; freely add and manage all kinds of intelligent devices including lighting products; remotely switch on and off lamps and lanterns, dimming and color, timing control, energy management; customize various scenes such as going home, leaving home, meeting guests and so on according to life habits to realize integrated management. Set up the service terminal entrance, users can buy new products or submit operation and maintenance requirements in the APP. Fourth, Hongyan also has a digital management platform for lighting manufacturers, covering equipment sales management, user portrait management, equipment use management, scene use management, APP activity management and other functions.

Business model innovation

A new technology will certainly give birth to a new business model, digital transformation also includes a new digital business model innovation. In the background of digitalization, Hongyan summarizes as three major events: firstly, building an industrial IOT platform under the framework of Zhi+APP, secondly, a new O2O retail platform under the framework of Customer+APP, and thirdly, an online customer service platform under the framework of An+APP, through creating a digital business model and empowering industry partners, so that the company level, channel level and family level can realize interconnection on the same platform. In 2021, Hongyan will continue to focus on the construction of offline intelligent home life, and through digital empowerment, implement the new channel model of “light asset, heavy experience and big service”. The new model is to connect online and offline comprehensively.

In the future, Hongyan’s digital transformation path will take “1+X+N” as the core, and build a distributed IoT platform enterprise with the core competitiveness in the field of edge computing.

In the future, we will use digital, technology and rule of law system to promote and help the Internet platform, and traditional manufacturing enterprises should cooperate and innovate, compete fairly, and create the future together.


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