What Is WS2818, What Is The WS2818 LED Strip?

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What is WS2818 IC

Dual signal wires for more reliability (a single LED failure has no effect on other LEDs working on the same unit and the whole light can stay illuminated);

WS2818B Original WORLDSEMI package SOP8 single-line 256-level three-channel constant current LED driver IC

WS2818 IC Features.

● R, G, B output port voltage withstand 12V, DIN port voltage withstand 9V.

The chip has a built-in voltage regulator, the power supply of 12V and below only needs a series resistor to IC VDD pin, no need to add a voltage regulator.

● Built-in signal shaping circuit, any pixel receives the signal and then output after waveform shaping to ensure the line waveform distortion will not be accumulated.

● Built-in power-on reset and power-off reset circuits.

The PWM control terminal can be adjusted in 256 steps, and the scanning frequency is 2KHz/s.

● Serial cascade interface, which can receive and decode data through one signal line.

In case of damage to a single chip, the overall display effect is not affected.

No additional circuitry is required for any two-point transmission distance up to 5 meters.

Highly consistent color of light and high-cost performance.

● The number of cascades is not less than 1024 points when the refresh rate is 30 frames/second.

● The data transmission speed can be up to 800Kbps.

WS2818 IC application

● LED full-color light-emitting character string, LED full-color soft light bar hard light bar, LED guardrail tube.

LED point light source, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen.

WS2818 IC Picture

WS2818 Wiring Diagram

WS2818B is a three-channel LED driver control circuit, the chip internal treasure line of intelligent digital interface data latching signal shaping amplifying driver circuit, high-precision internal oscillator, and 12V high-voltage programmable constant current output driver and high-precision constant current control module, effectively ensure that the color of the pixel point light on the driver circuit is highly consistent.   

With a unique breakpoint transfer function, the chip adopts dual signal transmission, and the two signal transmissions do not affect each other so that the overall display effect is not affected in the case of single-chip damage. Users can choose the DIN pin or BIN pin of the first chip as the signal input pin of the controller, and the rest of the cascaded chips will automatically recognize the signal output from the first chip without affecting the overall effect.  

The data protocol adopts the communication method of single line zero code, after the chip is reset at power on, the DIN terminal receives the data transmitted from the controller, the first 24bit data is extracted by the first chip and sent to the data latch inside the chip, the remaining data is shaped and amplified by the internal shaping processing circuit and then forwarded to the next cascade of pixels through the DO port, after each The chip adopts automatic shaping and forwarding technology, so that the number of cascading pixels is not limited by the signal transmission, but only by the signal transmission speed. When using the BIN end as the control signal receiving port, the control data of the control BIN port should be 24bit more than the control data of the control DIN port, so as to ensure the same number of points controlled in both ways.   

The data latch inside the chip generates different duty cycle control signals at the OUTT, OUTG, and OUTB control terminals according to the received 24bit data. When waiting for the input of the RESET signal at the DIN terminal, all chips will synchronize the received data to each segment, and the chip will re-receive new data after the signal ends. After receiving the beginning 24bit data, the chip will forward the data port through the DO port. Before the chip receives the RESET code, the original output of OUTR, OUTG, OUTB pins will remain unchanged, when the low-level RESET code above 280us is received, the chip will pulse width output of the 24bit PWM data just received to OUTR, OUTG, OUTB pins. Both SOP8 and MSOP8 packages are available.

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5V WS2818 Wiring Diagram

12V WS2818 Wiring Diagram

What is WS2818 LED Strip

1)WS2818 led strips can do dc12v, 30led/m, 48led/m, 60led/m to choose.

2)It uses a flexible PCB board, it can be folded into any shape.

3)It is 3led per IC, individually addressable. you can individually control the color and brightness of each group of LEDs, which enables you to produce amazing and complex animation.

4)It is an addressable light, breakpoint- continue, and can be programmed and controlled with the help of a controller.

5)Dual signal line version and signal breakpoint continuous transmission. If a LED is damaged, the work of other LEDs will not be affected. 


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