The Top Ten Trends In Chinese Lighting In 2021

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2021 is the opening year of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan, is also a very critical year. The next I throw a brick to talk about the top ten trends in China’s lighting in 2021.

Trend one: plant lighting

Where will China’s lighting go next year? I think the first thing to mention is plant lighting. Perhaps many people do not think of plant lighting, but from the central 2021 economic eight key work, it is proposed to pay attention to the “seeds and land” problem, plant lighting in the seeds and land can play a huge role. I recently went to see the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany, Hangzhou enterprises, and Japanese companies and learned that the United States and Canada industrial hemp liberalization and the performance of the epidemic house economy, driving the entire plant lighting fire.

Plant lighting is the reason why I listed the first trend, mainly from three major aspects: First, the maturity of the technology, Chongqing friends have been the concept of plant lighting and products to more than 230 schools, which is the first step to success so that students from an early age to know the growth process of plants. Second is the recent CCTV broadcast, China’s border guards are also using LED-based vertical three-dimensional growth of plant boxes to ensure that border guards can eat green vegetables in the snowy areas of the mountains. Third, from the national level, by promoting plant lighting and the agricultural community to join forces with academician Yuan Longping to learn, as the LED community should contribute. In the course of the visitors found that even superb agricultural scientists, are still very unfamiliar with semiconductor lighting, which requires the lighting community to be more proactive in cross-border integration with the agricultural community scientists, seed breeding, further improvement of barley and wheat will have a driving effect. The future of greenhouse planting is also a major upgrade, not only to save land but also to ensure that the seeds are excellent, as well as the production of healthy crops.

Trend two: ultraviolet lighting

With many countries announced that the “second wave” of the epidemic, and the emergence of the new coronavirus mutation, the harm to humans is quite large, ultraviolet lighting and happens to have a germicidal function, Osram, Philips, and other companies have launched the ability to kill the “new coronavirus” of ultraviolet lighting I believe that UV lighting will have further development. One, the traditional ultraviolet mercury lamp will have good prospects, its advantages are still obvious; second, UV-C LED promising, of which Japan and Asia’s level is high, the external quantum reached 3.5%, expensive and difficult to popularize. Yuanrong, LG, Sanan, and other companies are also doing well, only at about 2%. Third, silicon-based UV-C LED will come out, the efficiency will have several times higher, with greater competitiveness.

Trend three: intelligent lighting

In 2021, the rise of intelligent lighting will be higher. On the one hand, driven by the integration of win-win, the pace of development of smart home will be faster, will pay more attention to the whole house regulation in the electric curtains, combining sunlight and artificial light. Lutron began to do this aspect of the layout 26 years ago, called total dimming or total lighting. On the other hand, intelligent lighting in the field of commercial lighting will be further expanded, which is related to human factors lighting, through the need for light to mobilize people’s enthusiasm. The general manager of a company in Zhejiang told me that it has invested $100 million in this field. 2020 from the international has made a profit. Furthermore, at the hotel level, the latest intelligent lighting products will first be used in five-star hotels. 2021, both two, three, and four-star hotels will be used in intelligent products. Of course, intelligent lighting will also be used in many other areas, such as museums, headquarters buildings, etc.

Trend four: quality light source

China is not only the production of LED manufacturing power but also the manufacture of high-quality light source power. For the development of LED will also experience an era, in addition to talking about the high apparent finger, there is a new definition: pure LED. currently, China’s Professor Jiang Fengyi research out of the golden yellow light, is zero blue light, no phosphor pure LED. currently, there is an international determination, will be pure LED as the ultimate semiconductor lighting with light, which is worth looking forward to.

Trend five: immersive lighting

Immersion is a more popular trend in recent years, which is related to lighting, and more than lighting. Recently, I found that immersive lighting and display have a great relationship, “lighting, display, projection,” the combination of the three constitute the hardware of immersive lighting, but more important is the software, that is, the content. The so-called immersion is to let people in these display scenes to feel the depth of content. If the immersive lighting used in kindergarten, elementary school, secondary school teaching, will allow students to have a deeper understanding, which is inseparable from the deepening of the content, which requires true cross-border integration, and AR, VR closely combined. From the perspective of domestic enterprises, Lazard, Chau Ming Technology, and other enterprises are using display and lighting to make good results.

Trend six: cultural tourism lighting

From 2020 to see the cultural tourism lighting orders over 100 million is not a lot, which may become the new normal for the development of cultural tourism lighting. For cultural tourism lighting, I agree with a concept proposed by President Shen Wei of Hangzhou, called micro-innovation. In fact, the accumulation of micro-innovation is a big innovation, which is also in 2021 in the field of considerable attention. Nowadays, lighting designers have changed a lot, growing in the “negation of negation“. For example, a few years ago the popular mountain lighting, now proposed never to destroy the green mountains and water as a premise to create cultural tourism lighting, which I agree with both hands. Culture and tourism lighting or lighting up the city with innovative techniques. Cultural and tourism lighting to do more small pieces, do more with some iconic, classic works, rather than the more lights to do them better, which is very easy to lead to the city lighting a thousand cities.

Trend seven: together with the pole

As lighting people need to take the initiative, “my territory I make the master“, we have to do street lights +, do not give up their positions. But how to do the addition, which requires lessons learned, can not blindly add features, the more features, in turn, the more difficult to coordinate. The street light from a single light to full control, which is already very big progress. In addition, the rules of the game of the combined pole have changed, but also need to be noted. In 2020 a tender in Shanghai, the overall 1.7 billion. None of the seven units that won the tender was a lighting company, the reason is that it does not require a double-A qualification, but a road construction qualification, how should lighting companies respond after this game rule change? How to get to know strategic partners, how to do a good supplier, this may be the problem we have to face. Sitting on the sidelines will not have a way out, to change to adapt to the future.

Trend eight: professional lighting

There are several domestic companies doing professional lighting that has grown well this year, some people believe that the development of professional lighting has reached the top. Today the situation is very different, professional lighting has a lot of space, but what place to start, personal recommendations to take the lead in making digital lighting, coupled with sensors and Internet links, lighting is only one part of the professional lighting to the direction of digital lighting extension may be a broader space for development. Highly sophisticated market segments will have room to expand, just need to find it.

Trend nine: platform

For lighting, people will be an opportunity. Leaving aside platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Poundland, building their own special platform, or will bring new opportunities to the lighting industry. If some companies have enough strength, they can also open their own mall platform, online traffic is important, and the lighting industry can not be an exception. Today, many different areas of brand companies are selling lighting, but the manipulation of lighting people, just pay the brand fee. It can be seen in order to seize the market, the brand manufacturers also gradually began to “let go”, of course, this is relatively nice rhetoric, hard to hear a little is “degenerate”, in fact, this method can not last.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can combine their own characteristics, create a small platform, the use of Jitterbug, fast hands for live goods, etc., have the characteristics of the product online can also form a certain fan base, attracting more and more people, especially after 95, 00 like online shopping, the lighting industry can not lag behind, must keep pace with the times, the cultivation of the lighting industry net red is possible.

Trend ten: cycle

Among the double cycle to focus on the inner cycle, China is not only a big manufacturing country, but also a big market, is currently the world’s second-largest market, will also become the world’s largest consumer market, lighting companies can not let go of this singing stage. In addition, the situation abroad after the epidemic has been a big change, “the world manufacturing see China, Chinese products sold worldwide”, lighting is no exception. We have not only achieved by last year’s from negative to positive, in 2021 will achieve positive to positive, has been in a positive direction. Mainly optimistic about two points, one is the recent signing of the RCEP 15-nation agreement; second is the epidemic despite the rebound, but the vaccine for the epidemic has been launched, I believe that the epidemic will certainly be contained in 2021. In the case of the epidemic has not been completely contained, more need for Made in China, more need for Chinese lighting, even if the epidemic is under control, Made in China, Chinese lighting will play a leading role, this is the inevitable trend, will not change.

The above is my judgment on the top ten trends of Chinese lighting in 2021 for your reference. 2021 is a more challenging year, but also we are more able to win good results in the year. Let’s work together, not only to make good lights for Chinese people, but also to contribute good Chinese lights for the people of the earth.


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