Real Estate Downfall, Material Price Increase, How Does Opple Lighting Respond?

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Opple Lighting released news on January 06, 2021, January 05, 2021, the company received a total of 11 institutions such as Anxin Securities research, reception location online. The main content of the survey is as follows.

1.The company’s current layout in intelligent firefighting

A: The company actively lay out the intelligent firefighting field, in 2019 into the domestic intelligent firefighting field professional company – Zhuhai Simer Electric Co. The company was successfully selected as one of the “2020 Top Ten Intelligent Evacuation Brands for Fire Protection” by HC, and participated in the “Design and Installation Atlas of Fire Emergency Lighting and Evacuation Indication System”, further promoting the development of the company in the field of intelligent fire protection.

2.How does the company respond to the recent increase in commodity prices?

A: Rising raw material prices will have a certain impact on costs, but the company continues to promote product platform through the product solution center to improve input and output; at the same time, through manufacturing cost reduction, material cost reduction and other measures to try to offset the impact of rising raw material prices to maintain stable gross margins.

3.The company’s current product categories

A: The company has been expanding its product categories rhythmically based on market trends, consumer demand, product line synergy and other factors. At present, the company has extended from the lighting category to the field of drainage, bath bar, set hanging, etc., to provide consumers with one-stop integrated solutions.

4.How does the lighting company respond to the downward impact of real estate

A: (1) The company continues to promote the transformation of dealers, improve the solution capacity, improve the conversion rate of store traffic and customer unit price.
(2) Increase development of stock replacement market business.
(3) Continue to develop the business of commercial license.

5.Development of the company’s commercial license business

A: The company’s commercial license business focuses on five major industries: real estate, office, industrial, commercial chain, and municipal transportation; after the epidemic, the commercial license business has been picking up quarter by quarter as construction projects resume one after another.

The company’s refined housing business continues to grow at a high rate and has cooperated with more than 50 Top 100 real estate companies, and won the bidding for a number of head real estate companies in all categories of procurement projects.


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