High Power 24V DMX Anti-glare Wall Washer White/RGB/RGBW 4IN1 18W / 24W/ 36W

  • Lights up to 35 meters
  • Reverse Voltage Input & Over Current Protection
  • Water Resistant to IP67
  • Built-in DMX Decoder & Multi Auto Address Sub Sections (RGB)
  • Standard DMX interface: Common +
  • Application: Outdoor facade illumination.
  • Material: Aluminum alloy housing, tempered glass, stainless steel screw.
  • Effects: RGB color-changing, flowing, chasing, 256 grades brightness.
  • Superior light quality, Cree or Osram LEDs, CRI:>80.
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm



18W, 24W, 36W

IP Rate

IP67 Waterproof

Price range:$10.00$20.00 – $24.00, Stock: More than 1000 pieces

Details about High Power 24V DMX Anti-glare Wall Washer White/RGB/RGBW 4IN1 18W / 24W/ 36W

The DMX RGBW LED Wall Washer is a long, slim linear LED wall washer that is ideal for any indoor application. With a narrow profile form factor ideal for small spaces, the transforms a room with either a color-changing LED light show or pure, bright white light. 


Our most popular wall-wash product, this aluminum light bar is available in 0.5m or 1m lengths. By mixing light from its red, blue, and green LEDs at the source, the wall washer can create any shade of any color you choose, producing vibrant color washes (including sharp whites).


You can operate the Color-Changing RGB model of this LED wall washer in three ways:

  • Internal (stand-alone) mode: no other equipment is required to set the wall washer internally to generate spectacular color-changing effects, including flashing, fading, static colors and seven changing colors.
  • DMX mode: an external DMX controller or software is required with thousands of possible effects and colors.
  • Daisy chain: several washers can be linked together to synchronize in either DMX or Stand-Alone mode.


MATERIAL: Premium Die-cast aluminum alloy housing with a tempered glass lens frame.   



BEAM ANGLE: Available with a 15°,25°,35°,45°,60° beam angle, allowing you to customize your lighting application exactly to your needs! With a 15° narrow beam angle(standard), for example, this wall wash can reach up to 70 feet of wash height! The wider the beam angle, the lower the mass wash height will be, but also the wider the wash will be.

WARRANTY: Five(5) year limited warranty from date of delivery.

dmx rgb led bar light


Each RGB LED wall washer has rotating fixing brackets. You can use them to screw the unit into position, before adjusting the angle more precisely. For external installations, we offer watertight cables to connect to your power supply. Internally, you can simply cut away the watertight adapter and use a 4-core 1.5mm cable to extend the cables as you require.


Sure, we can ship via DHL, Fedex, UPS express, It is door to door, fast shipping ways.

No MOQ in MSH, small and large demand are welcome.

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