It’s Fixed! Woodland Professional Lighting 2021 Will Do This!

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Waving 2020, running into 2021, with the theme of “change to gather strength, mission new Sen”, hundreds of representatives of national marketing elite and operators of Woodland professional lighting gathered to review the prospects, vow to prepare for the battle, the sword pointed to 2021.

General Manager Ma Yunfei, Marketing Director Wu Sanchun and other leaders made an important annual summary and planning outlook, home marketing senior manager Cao Lei, commercial lighting marketing senior manager Feng Jiliang shared on the home, commercial lighting channels, the past year’s development and 2021 marketing planning made a detailed elaboration. About 2021’s new drama, also in this meeting dramatized, 2021 home, commercial lighting product planning, heavy unveiling, people shocked; the meeting also held a grand home, commercial lighting awards and award ceremony, the business is a commendation, but also an incentive; in short, this is an inheritance, the significance of an annual meeting, is a pledge since the establishment of Woodland professional lighting, will affect 2021 Chinese lighting market pattern.

To “professional” change to gather strength
Battle of 2021

In the name of professionalism, create a huge industry! In his annual summary and planning, Ma Yunfei, general manager of Woodland Professional Lighting, mentioned that building a professional lighting sales company is the mission and positioning; it needs to be achieved from professional, service-oriented, channel-oriented three dimensions. In the team building, need to be in the professional, independent, complete team operations, flat operating system and other levels to build. To this end, the organizational structure of professional lighting in 2020 has been changed, and the product system has been adjusted. All this is to achieve faster and better development.

Ma Yunfei, general manager of Woodland Professional Lighting

He also talked about the 2021 home, commercial lighting channel marketing planning and adjustment, as well as the professional lighting sales team adjustment requirements, product development direction, the overall design architecture and other aspects of planning.

Whether it is the team, or products; all reflect the theme of “change to gather force mission new Sen”, from the “professional” efforts, call on all colleagues to meet the common battle full of hope in 2021.

We are going in the same direction
It is the right time to start the Year of the Ox

Wu Sanchun, director of professional lighting marketing

Woodland professional lighting marketing director Wu Sanchun made a summary of the marketing of 2020, from sales data, the completion rate of each province, market sales growth and other levels of the summary of the lighting market and Woodland professional lighting market positioning for in-depth analysis, and proposed 2021 market strategy: focus, precision, innovation, from the solid product base, channel base, marketing base, team base, and operators and agents to maintain the same direction, concentric, peer; and proposed to expand the home channel, commercial lighting channel specific goals.

Quality leaps up again
2021 new products unveiled

The meeting also made a detailed summary and planning of professional lighting home channel and commercial lighting channel, home marketing senior manager Cao Lei, commercial lighting marketing senior manager Feng Jiliang reviewed the key work in 2020, reviewed the relevant market issues, made an analysis of the market and shared the market strategy for 2021. The descriptions were meticulous, clarified the tasks, hit the pain points, provided the methods, conveyed confidence, clarified the steps for the 2021 market fight, and cleared the doubts and obstacles.

In the afternoon of the same day, product managers Wang Liao and Luo Hongyan shared their product planning for home lighting and commercial lighting in 2021. The whole line of 3C standard various kinds of lamps and lanterns, mainly Nordic minimalist, modern minimalist, European style and new Chinese style, became the main focus of home lighting channel in 2021, while the whole series of commercial lighting products were stunning with excellent quality, details and design configuration.

Quality has become the focus of this meeting to talk about, “professional lighting quality control report” keynote speech, as well as all kinds of specific products in the design and configuration to improve and other topics, long time to occupy the second half of the meeting, due to too professional, not to repeat.

Award scene

The meeting also held a grand home, commercial lighting awards and medal ceremony, the outstanding operators were commended, the representatives of the operators present have spoken, the Woodland professional lighting 2021 planning deep praise, and said they will go all out to fight the Year of the Ox!

“Change Gathering Force Mission New Sen”, the professional reached, will become a huge industry. 2021, Woodland professional lighting to the total group as a strong backing, inward force, outward expansion, will play the brand again leap grand music.


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