How To Cut Full Color LED Strips

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The full color LED strip is a very practical decorative lamplight, which is widely used in our daily life. Among them, the Addressable LED strip is the most popular, usually in the form of 5m, 10m, 2m, and 1m. But how do you cut the full LED strip when it’s not the suitable length?

Confirm the cut size that you need

you can cut the colorful strip as you need, make sure the length of strip that you will use.

Colorful strip has different kinds specification:

 Introduce 5v sk6812, 12v ws2811 and 24v dmx strip size for cut

ItemCut SizeStrip Picture

5v sk6812 led strip, 30leds per meter
Cut size is 33.33 cm/ 1.09ft, each led can be cut
12v ws2811 led strip, 30leds per meterCut size is 99.99cm/ 3.28ft, each three led can be cut
24v dmx led strip, 60leds per meterCut size is 99.99cm/ 3.28ft, each six led can be cut

Check the strip cut line

Find a welding on the pcb, then you can cut for safe, other places not cut.

see the HD107S cut line picture as below.

Cut the strip with knife or scissors

With a scissors or knife to cut the welding. be careful and slow to avoid damage the beside smd5050 LED.


Cut the full color strip is easy way, waterproof or non-waterproof are available to cut.

it can cut as your demand, to come ture small or large project solution.


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