Attention! This LED Standard January 1 From The Official Implementation

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The main drafting units are: China Institute of Standardization, Xuyu Optoelectronics (Shenzhen) Company Limited, Xiamen Tong Shi Da Lighting Co. Ltd., Osram (China) Lighting Co., Ltd., Ningbo Oluk Electric Co., Ltd., Huizhou Leishi Optoelectronics Technology Co.

The main drafter Liang Xiuying, Lin Jinfill, Zhou Ding, Chen Songbo, Cao Xiaobing, Guo Pengxin, Zhao Zhenyu, Wei Bin, Zhang Junbin, Ni Wei, Zhu Feibiao, He Feilong, Zheng Dong, Cai Hong, Xu Qian, Sheng Yulin, Dong Yongyang, Ding Qing, Peng Yanyan, Zhang Minan, Zhao Yuejin.

LED flat panel light is one of the main varieties of indoor lighting products, is a new type of lighting using LED light source, flat light-emitting lamps, with simple design, uniform illumination, comfortable and soft light, good lighting effect, widely used in hotels, conference rooms, factories or offices, commercial, residential or public facilities, schools, hospitals and other places.

In recent years, LED flat panel lamps have replaced double-ended fluorescent lamps and grille lamps at a significantly faster pace, and the market share has expanded significantly. The “Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades for LED Flat Panel Lamps for General Lighting” provides for energy efficiency grades, energy efficiency limits and test methods for the current large number of LED flat panel lamp models, and as a mandatory national standard will actively promote the improvement of energy efficiency of LED flat panel lamp products and lead the progress of energy-saving technology of related enterprises, which will not only provide a basis for the implementation of energy-saving certification, energy-efficiency labeling and the leader of LED flat panel lamps. As a mandatory national standard, it will not only provide the basis for the implementation of national energy-saving policies such as energy certification, energy efficiency labeling and leader system for LED flat panel lamps, promote the healthy development of LED flat panel lamp industry, accelerate the energy-saving transformation of indoor lighting systems, enhance the international competitiveness of LED flat panel lamp products, provide support for the promotion and application of semiconductor lighting technology and the comprehensive promotion of key projects such as the upgrading of lighting systems, but also provide the basis for the supervision and inspection of LED flat panel lamp product quality, thus strengthening the standardized management of the market To guide the orderly competition and promote the healthy development of the industry.


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